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Serve Application

Using the craftsman cli, you can serve your application using the serve command. By default, this command will start your application on port 3000. You may pass the --port option to specify a different port:

node craftsman serve --port=8080

You can also use the --host option to specify the host address:

node craftsman serve --host=

And to run your application in development mode, you can use the --dev option:

node craftsman serve --dev

Run node craftsman serve --help to see all available options.


Formidable expects APP_URL and CLIENT_URL environment variables to be set. These variables are used to configure CORS. If you do not set these variables, your application will not be able to make requests to itself.

The APP_URL variable should be set to the URL of your application. The CLIENT_URL variable should be set to the URL of your client application. If you do not have a client application, you can set the CLIENT_URL variable to the same value as the APP_URL variable:


Should it happen that you set the port of your application to something other than 3000, you should also update the APP_URL and CLIENT_URL variables to match the port of your application.