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Formidable provides a Monolog-inspired logging library built on top of Livy. Livy allows you to log messages to files, the file system error log, and more.

The Formidable Logger has "channels" that provide most of the logging functionality. Each channel represents a specific way of writing information. By default, the single channel writes messages to a single file, while the daily channel writes messages to multiple files based on a date.


All of the configuration options for your application's logging behavior is stored in the config/logging.imba or config/logging.ts configuration files. These files allow you to configure your application's log channels.

By default, Formidable uses the console channel. This channel writes to the console.

Available Channel Drivers

Each log channel is powered by a "driver". The driver returns a handler whoch determines how and where the log message is actually recorded. The following log channel drivers are available in every Formidable application. An entry for most of these drivers is already present in your application's config/logging.imba or config/logging.ts configuration files:

consoleA ConsoleHandler based Livy driver which writes to the terminal
dailyA RotatingFileHandler based Livy driver which rotates daily
discordA DiscordWebhookHandler based driver which writes to a Discord Server
singleA FileHandler based Livy driver which writes to a single file or path
slackA SlackWebhookHandler based Livy driver which writes to a Slack Workspace
stackA wrapper to facilitate creating "multi-channel" channels

Writing Log Messages

You may write information to the logs using the Log class. Below is a list of methods you can call from the Log class:

import { Log } from '@formidablejs/logger'


You may call any of these methods to log a message for the corresponding level. By default, the message will be written to the default log channel as configured by your logging configuration file:

import { DB } from '@formidablejs/framework'
import { Request } from '@formidablejs/framework'
import { Log } from '@formidablejs/logger'
import { Controller } from './Controller'

export class TaskController extends Controller {
show(request: Request) {
const id: number = request.param('id')'Showing Task: ' + id)

return DB.table('tasks').where('id', id).first()

Contextual Information

An object of contextual data may be passed to the log methods. This contextual data will be formatted and displayed with the log message:

import { Log } from '@formidablejs/logger''A new task has been created', {

Writing To Specific Channels

Sometimes you may wish to log a message to a channel other than your application's default channel. You may use the channel method on the Log class to retrieve and log to any channel defined in your configuration file:

import { Log } from '@formidablejs/logger''discord').info('Something happened!')